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The Fine Art of Documenting History

Lynde Fine Art acts as a visual historian for melanated people. In a space where traditional history can’t always be trusted, Lynde Washington has taken it upon himself to capture black excellence with a brush and a vision and let the stories live in truth.

Muhammad Ali

Lynde wanted to commemorate the late Muhammad Ali. For many people of color, Muhammad Ali is a symbol of strength and the epitome of standing up for what you believe. Ali was unapologetic. And he was unapologetically BLACK. And oftentimes he paid the cost. But despite the backlash and the repercussions, he remained steadfast in his belief system.

Muhammad Ali was Black Excellence personified.


Muhammad Ali


Lynde's family history is what drives him to document history, primarily Black history, as he knows it and witnesses it - with paint and brushes. Lynde realized early on that history would never be told accurately if left to others and the contributions of Blacks would be lost.

With LyndeFineArt, Lynde takes us on a journey, capturing moments in time and pivotal figures with paint and a canvas.